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Applying to  Juja Kindergarten School

Students applying for kindergarten for the 2019 school year must be at least 2 ½ years old by January, 2019.
Applicants must provide an original, official, embossed birth certificate.
All kindergarten applicants will be evaluated and assessed for readiness to enter our Kindergarten program.
Please complete the application below.

Application Form

Please fill the application form and submit and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.
Kenyan CitizenshipYes * *No If No, please indicate birthplace*

Application for Admission  School Year 
Student Name (Last,First, Middle Initial)
Phone Number
Date of Birth *
Current Age
Gender Female Male
Class Entering
Parent/Guardian Information 
Father/Guardian Mother/Guardian
Name (Title, First, Last) Name (Title, First, Last)
Address Address
Phone Number  Home  Work  Cell  Phone Number  Home  Work  Cell 
Email   Email  *
Relationship To Student Relationship To Student
Employer Employer
Occupation Occupation
Marital Status * Marital Status *
If divorced/separated, which parent has custody? Are visitation rights permitted to the Non-Custodial Parent? 
Student lives with   *Mother Father Grandparent Guardian *Other *
Media Release
I grant permission to use my child’s image and/or name in print, electronic, or digital format for school publication, publicity, and website.  Select one Yes  No
Sibling Information 
Sibling #1 Name
Date of Birth *
 Sibiling #2 Name
Date of Birth
Schools Previously Attended
School Name
Reason for Leaving
School Name
Reason for Leaving
Medical Information 
Student’s Pediatrician Name  Phone 
Student Dentist Name  Phone 
Hospital Preference Name  Phone 
Special Services *This information is necessary for teachers to plan for your child’s success. Failure to disclose this information may halt an application and/or result in children being asked to transfer to receive services necessary for them to succeed.
For students entering Pre-K or K: Has your child received services through Birth to 3? *Yes *No
Have you ever been invited to attend a PPT meeting for your child? Yes *No
Has your child ever had a/an: 504 Plan IEP? Yes No If “Yes”, please specify
Home Language Survey
When your child began to speak, what language did he/she speak?
What language do the parents/guardians speak to each other?
What language is spoken most often at home?
Emergency Contacts (Non-Parent or Non-Guardian)
Emergency Contact #1 Emergency Contact #2
Name   Name  
Daytime Phone   Daytime Phone  
Relationship to Student   Relationship to Student  
Other Information 
 Bus Transportation Requested: Yes No
Which primary school would your child attend if not Juja Preparatory and Senior School?
Did a family currently enrolled at St. Mark School recommend our school to you?
Registration Information 
In order to complete your application, please submit the following along with your completed application. K-8: KSh. 2,500 registration fee per family (Due at time of application) Please send to the school the following to complete the application: Copy of Birth Certificate Copy of Baptismal Certificate Records Release Form.
I hereby certify that all of the above information is accurate and that my child and I agree to abide by the policies and procedures St. Mark School as stated in the school handbook, including the tuition policy.
Parent/Guardian  Date 
Parent/Guardian  Date 

Thank you for choosing Juja Preparatory and Senior School – an investment that will last a lifetime! Juja Preparatory and Senior School admits students without regard to race, creed or color.


Please let us know where you heard about us
 Current Parent Former Parent 
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